Here are some tips for buying a home. Home buyers are often unsure where to start when venturing into the real estate market. These quick tips outline a few things to think about when starting out. There are many factors to consider when buying a home; sometimes the home you fall in love with isn’t the home you expected.

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      1. Determine your wants and needs. 
        Decide the features, neighbourhood and price range you would like in a home. Determining your ‘want’ list vs. your ‘need’ list will also be helpful in the process of buying a home.
        buying a home

        Keep your expectations realistic with what you can truly afford.

      2. Keep your expectations realistic. 
        It’s one thing to be picky and specific about your wants but it’s another to look for something that doesn’t exist. A Realtor can explain the current market conditions to you and help keep you on the right track when buying a home.
      3. Get Pre-Approved. 
        Talk to a mortgage adviser to find out exactly how much house you can comfortably afford. Get pre-qualified and find out what the lending rates are. This will prevent you from wasting time looking at homes out of your price range. If you are in the Kincardine real estate market and don’t know where to turn, I can provide you with a list of the local mortgage agents.
      4. Don’t ask for too many opinions.
        Having a second opinion from someone you know and trust is perfectly normal, but having too many people’s opinions can make your decision harder. In the end it is you living in this home, so be ready to make the final decision on your own.
      5. When would you ideally move?
        If you’re renting, this will depend on when your lease is up or how much notice you need to give your landlord that you’re moving out.
      6. Think about the future. 
        Think about how long you plan to stay in this house and the most important features. This will also be  important in determining the type of mortgage that is best for you.
      7. Looking at properties. 
        After looking at properties write down the pros and cons to help you remember what each place was like (they can tend to blend together in your mind if you’re looking at several).
      8. Find a REALTOR® at a reputable real estate company. 
        House hunting can take several weeks or months, so find an agent that you’re comfortable with. Ask friends and relatives, go to open houses, or call/go to a real estate office. Be honest with them upfront about your expectations and concerns and communicate your wants and needs list to them. They can offer invaluable help when buying a home.
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